The travel blogging industry has been on the rise for quite a few years now and every day bloggers around the world are gaining more influence and recognition in the community. And nothing is different in Slovenia. According to some data, more than 90% of Slovenians decide to independently explore our beautiful country, and of these, a good 50% are said to be looking for ideas for their trips on the web – blogs.
Bloggers are visible in the eyes of visitors to our pages, as a trusted source of up-to-date information on ideas for trips, as well as all other advice related to hiking, living in nature… This also includes hiking equipment, clothing, footwear, experiences with guided tours , adrenaline experiences, and advice on where to sleep, where to go for a good lunch and much more.

Because blog readers and YouTube followers form a special relationship with the content creator, almost as if they know each other, blog readers and YouTube viewers give advice or. they accept recommendations much differently than classic ads, more like friendly recommendations, which they are in the final stage.

The travel portal is an idea that has been simmering in me for many years. The decision to start a blog, in which I will describe the natural and cultural attractions of Slovenia in my own way, give ideas for trips, invite people to the mid-mountains and highlands, and provide useful information about spending free time in nature, was born in the fall of 2020.
I really enjoy exploring Slovenia, and I can also get down to writing without much difficulty. This enthusiasm is probably also felt by the readers, as the blog already exceeded 10,000 visits per month in the first year (and 30,000 visits per month in 2022). This visit, on average, only continues to rise, as new and new articles and video content with original and quality content are always available to site visitors. In addition, the blog and the Vnaravo brand in general are becoming more and more recognizable among lovers of spending free time in nature.
After a good year, I decided and added a YouTube channel to the blog, which was initially just a video support for the blog, but I soon realized that the video also has its own charm. Although the blog remains the primary form of providing ideas for trips, the library on the YouTube channel is also becoming more and more full of interesting and quality content.
But since we live in the times of social networks, it is of course “appropriate” that also has its own Instagram account, where I present Slovenia to my followers through pictures, videos and short descriptions.
I am open to many forms of cooperation. We can agree on sponsored articles, where I visit and experience your offer and describe it as authentically as possible and give an evaluation. We can also arrange for a test of hiking and mountaineering equipment, as well as a description of the experience before, during and after use.
On a larger scale, we can agree on the promotion of certain destinations, places, attractions… All these things can be a combination of blog, photos and video content.
The page is adjusted so that the advertising spaces are as visible as possible and bring advertisers long views.
Even if you need quality photos and videos of a wide variety of Slovenian attractions and hidden corners, I can help you.
In a smaller form, we can arrange a visit to interesting caves, as well as a guided tour of the beauties above ground is a matter of agreement.
If you have any other ideas for cooperation, where I can come to your aid, write to me and together we will look at what and how we can cooperate.
I guarantee you a professional attitude, quality and visible content.
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