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Sunikov vodni gaj v Lepeni

I have already written about Bovec in one of my previous articles and I will certainly write about this pearl of Slovenia in one of the upcoming ones. In this article, we will set out to get to know the differences of Bovec, which you can do throughout the weekend, from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. Of course, you can customize the trips and choose only the ones that are right for you. However, all excursions are also suitable for children and four-legged friends (only the ascent to Svinjak is a bit more demanding).

We will tackle the sights of Bovec at one of the hottest locations in Bovec at the moment. Virje Waterfall is a real beauty, from there we will walk to the beautiful karst spring of the Gjun stream, see the accumulation lake behind the power plant, go to one of the most visited valleys in this part of Slovenia, where we will walk through Šunik’s water grove, and climb towards the spring of Lepenjica. As mentioned, we will jump on Svinjak, see the most magnificent waterfall in Slovenia, and get to know a paradise for all glamping fans. Given that I also like to eat well, I will tell you where it will be great and where you will be served in a relaxed atmosphere for reasonable prices.

What to see in Bovec:

If you are looking for even more ideas for trips in Bovec and its surroundings, I suggest you take a look at the blog entitled Where in Bovec, Log pod Mangartom, Sights of Trenta, Where in Kobarid and Tolmin sights. You can also read about how to get to the Krn Lakes. In all these articles you have enough suggestions for a few holidays along the Soča river.

Before we go to the sights of Bovec, I would also like to mention that I am enthusiastic about Bovec because there are practically no mosquitoes there. These little nuisances love me very much and in recent years there are really a lot of them… But not in Bovec! ?

Virje Waterfall

Virje WaterfallBasic informations
Altitude of the waterfall400 m
Altitude of starting point450 m
Altitude difference along the way-50 m
Hiking time5 min
Route difficultyeasy
Starting pointParking at the spring (
  • 46.3357, 13.5130)
  • Parking fee5 € fot 2 hours
    Suitable for a dogyes

    We all probably know that Bovec is a real paradise on earth, if you don’t know that yet, or you don’t agree with me, then you certainly haven’t seen Virje waterfall yet. The waterfall is not something special, there are many more magnificent and watery waterfalls in the Soča river basin, but few of the waterfalls around, which are not few, can be compared to the Virje waterfall in the scenery that surrounds it.

    The Virje waterfall is about 20 meters high and falls into the depths in several strands. If there is a lot of water, it flows through the shelf in a fairly wide curtain, but when there is less water, or. when a lot of water is diverted to the turbines of the hydroelectric power plant and there is little left in the bed of the Glijun stream, the waterfall falls over the shelf in several separate jets.

    Below the waterfall are two pools separated by rocks, which are quite large, and their depth is realy nice. The Glijun spring originates a few 100 meters higher in a beautiful karst spring (more about it in the subtitle below), and its water hinterland is the Kanin Mountains and endless abysses, where smaller streams merge into larger watercourses and flow over Bovec. Given that the abysses in the heart of Kanin have a constant temperature of around 1 ° C, you can imagine that the water is not very warm either. The water temperature in the pools under the waterfall does not exceed 6 ° C even on the warmest days of the year and is practically the same, both in summer and winter.

    In 2020, a sign was erected at the Virje waterfall prohibiting swimming in pools, but the pools under the waterfall, despite the cold water and the board, are still a very popular spot for cooling off and testing your courage. My guide in Bovec, who is a local, also says that he doesn’t pay attention to the board, because he has been soaking in the pool all his life all year round and will continue to do so.

    To the starting point for the Gjuna spring and the Virje waterfall, drive past the center of Bovec past Kaninska vas, to the village of Plužna, where the sign directs you to a narrow road that will take you up a rather steep ascent and then down to a well-maintained parking lot. A wide promenade leads to the waterfall, which in a few bends leads us to a kind of “amphitheater”, where there are a few benches and deck chairs for enjoying the view of this beautiful work of nature.

    Karst spring Glijun

    Spring GlijunBasic informations
    Altitude of the waterfall400 m
    Hight of waterfall20 m
    Altitude of starting point450 m
    Altitude difference along the way30 m
    Hiking time5 min
    Route difficultyeasy
    Starting pointParking at the spring (
  • 46.3357, 13.5130)
  • Parking fee5 € fot 2 hours
    Suitable for a dogyes

    Similar to the Virje waterfall, the pring of the Glijun stream is only a 5-minute walk from the parking lot. only that the signs from the parking lot direct you straight instead of to the left. After a short walk, you will find yourself at a beautiful karst spring, where well-chilled water from the heart of the Kanin Mountains flows between the rocks into the day.

    The spring is quite watery throughout the year, and during heavy rains and in the spring, when the snow on Kanin melts, the spring is quite scary, as the water shows its brutal power. Only a few meters below the spring, barriers are set up, which direct part of the water into a large water catchment from which the water is piped to the turbines of the hydroelectric power plant, which is not far away.

    The water catchment is also very visible from the cable car that leads to our highest ski resort. On the way back from the spring, you can take a walk around the water catchment, the view of the catchment with crystal clear water is amazing!

    From the same starting point, you can take a slightly longer walk to the Boka waterfall (1 hour walk), or go there by bike along the Juliana trail (if you are not a very skilled cyclist, you will have to walk a short part of the way).

    Šunikov gaj in Lepena

    Šunik water grove Basic informations
    Altitude of Šunik gaj500 m
    Altitude of starting point650 m
    Altitude difference along the way150 m
    Hiking time1 h 30 min
    Route difficultyeasy
    Starting pointParking at the bridge (46.3073, 13.6771)
    Parking feeno
    Recommended footwearsports hiking footwear
    Suitable for a dogyes

    There are so many beautiful valleys in the Soča region that it seems to me that every time I describe one of them, I write that it is one of the most beautiful valleys… and that I am repeating myself with this, and devalue the uniqueness of each valley separately. But I just don’t know how else to outline what my eyes saw, my body experienced, my ears heard…

    I have been to Lepena several times, but so far I have not taken the time to visit Šunik’s water grove and the waterfall, which is the spring of the Lepenjica stream. This time my friend Gregor and I went to the most popular starting point for the jump to Lake Krn in order to see the beauty of the stream that flows into the Soča at the end of the valley.

    Just before the confluence with Šunik, Lepenjica carved into the rocks a little more than 100 meters long and extremely picturesque gorge, which is full of waterfalls, cascades, pools, and up to 10 meters deep gorges. It is amazing how many beauties nature has in this part of Slovenia. Just a few 10 meters from the road, which many hikers drive, such beauties are hidden, but the vast majority are not aware of this.

    The grove that surrounds the mainstream of Lepenjica is full of small springs that flow from all sides and flow into the main riverbed, making a truly unforgettable backdrop. Loud noise or. the roar of the water flowing over the many rocks closer to the Soča is extremely soothing.

    There are some energy points around the grove that I didn’t feel myself, but those more sensitive individuals are supposed to feel them quite intensely.

    You can go to the grove from the lower end (more popular), or, as Gregor and I did, from the upper end of the gorge (a few 100 meters in front of the house in Lepena, at the bridge over Lepenjica). After a few 100 meters of walking, the macadam path brings us very close to the grove, where the signpost directs us to the path, and in a few meters we are already in a picturesque gorge. Visiting the grove is possible in a beautiful circular path.

    You can combine a visit to Šunik’s grove with a visit to the Great Soča Gorge and swimming at the end of the Gorge.

    Spring of Lepenjica

    Lepenjica waterfall Basic informations
    Altitude of waterfall850 m
    Hight of waterfall40 m
    Altitude of starting point700 m
    Altitude difference along the way100 m
    Hiking time20 min
    Route difficultyeasy
    Starting pointHut in Lepena (46.3041, 13.6819)
    Parking feeno
    Recommended footwearsports hiking footwear
    Suitable for a dogyes

    It makes sense to combine a visit to Šunik’s grove and the Lepenjica spring into one trip. After all, the starting points for both walks are only a few 100 meters away. If it is not difficult for you, it will be best to leave the car right at the bridge (starting point to see the grove) and walk to the mountain lodge in Lepena, where the sign will direct you to the path towards the lookout point for the waterfall on Lepenjica.

    Following a fairly well-trodden path, you will climb a tree-covered ridge in about 20 minutes, from which you will see a beautiful waterfall from few different view points, sliding on vertical rocks about 40 meters deep. The waterfall can only be observed from a distance, as the upper part of the valley carved out by Lepenjica is practically impassable and is still covered with a few meters thick snow cover in the summer.

    Similar to the impressive view of the waterfall, the view of the Lepenjica riverbed, which is often full of snow even in July, is remarkable and a little intimidating.

    Little above the view point, you will notice the “konec poti – end of the way” on the rock (although the way forward is still paved, I advise you to turn here).


    Kal-Koritnica – Svinjak Basic informations
    Altitude of Svinjak1653 m
    Altitude of starting point460 m
    Altitude difference along the way1193 m
    Hiking time3 h 15 min
    Route difficultypartly demanding
    Starting pointKal-Koritnica (46.3360, 13.5821)
    Parking feeno
    Recommended footwearsports hiking footwear
    Suitable for a dog if the dog is used to walking even on slightly more demanding terrain

    Although Svinjak is “only” 1653 meters high and is surrounded by many much higher peaks, practically every visitor to Bovec knows it. Maybe not by name, but this remarkable mountain is noticed by every tourist, even those who don’t even think about climbing it.

    If by some miracle, you haven’t been to Bovec yet, you will quickly see which hill Svinjak is, when you arrive in this idyllic town. It lies between the valleys of Koritnica and Soča. Its pointed peak is a real viewing platform that will impress even the most demanding mountaineers.

    Svinjak has been an extremely popular hiking spot in recent years, especially for tourists who come along the Soča to spend their holidays actively. I recommend that you start the ascent in the early morning hours, at least around 7 am, if not an hour earlier, as the ascent in the morning cold and the first, still shy rays of the sun will be much friendlier than in the later heat.

    The first part of the trail is led through a beautiful beech forest, where the sun’s rays can hardly find their way through the dense deciduous canopy. Higher, however, when the beeches retreat to smaller and lower trees, with much rarer canopies, those of you who are not fans of getting up early will feel the power of the sun in the Primorska region of the Julian Alps.

    The last part of the trail, about 30 minutes walk, is completely opened and the views towards Bovec and the valleys of Koritnica and Soča, and the surrounding peaks are simply beautiful. There are two sections in this part of the trail, which are equipped with steel cables, but the trail is never really exposed, but you would still know that those who do not like height or are not used to it have a bit of a “headache”. Even dogs that are a little more awkward will need some help here, and those more skilled will get to the top without any problems.

    We will cover almost 1200 meters of altitude to the top of Svinjak and the path to the top can be dragged for those less prepared, mainly because we seem to see the top, but when we get to the place where we thought the top was, we suddenly see that in fact there is still quite a few meters of ascent to the top man

    But when you get to the top, no matter how exhausted you are, it will all pay off! Some time ago I wrote an article about the 6 most beautiful viewing peaks in Slovenia and I think I will have to supplement this article with 7 peaks. ? I just can’t describe these beauties to you. Wherever you direct your gaze you will stay with your mouth open and just enjoy. View of Bovec, Herman’s fortress and Kluže, the Možnica, Trenta, Lepena valleys, all the surrounding peaks… CRAZY!

    Gregor, who conquered Svinjak with me, was already blowing and breathing towards the top, but he was enthusiastic about the conquered mountain, just like me.

    If you still have some will and strength left during the descent into the valley, I suggest that you visit the museum in nature from the First World War – Kal Čelo. Works of the defense line of the Austro-Hungarian army, which prevented the Italian advance into the heart of the Slovenian territory.

    Arriving at the heated car, I suggest that you jump to cool off in the not very distant Great Soča Gorge.

    Boka Waterfall

    Boka WaterfallBasic informations
    Hight of waterfall 100 m
    Hiking time15 – 20 min
    Route difficultyeasy
    Starting point parking lot under the waterfall (46.3183, 13.4948)
    Parking feeno
    Recommended footwearsports hiking footwear
    Suitable for a dog yes

    Boka Waterfall is the most mighty waterfall in Slovenia. Its magnificent appearance is impossible to overlook when we drive from the village of Žaga towards Bovec. When crossing the bridge over the Boka stream, when looking over the left shoulder, it stops at the most watery waterfall, which falls over 100 meters deep. There is a parking lot behind the bridge, where you leave your vehicle and get ready for a 15-minute walk to the first lookout point at the Boka waterfall.

    The path of the view point is a real walk, wide, beautifully landscaped and many hunters of beautiful photographs do it in sandals or flip flops. I do not recommend this to you, but if you have no other option, it is also possible.

    If you want to get a little closer to the waterfall, you will have to work a little harder and climb to the higher viewpoints.

    Globoški potok waterfalls

    Globoški potokBasic informations
    Hight of waterfall up to 400m
    Walk timecca 60 min
    Route difficultyeasy
    Starting point Žaga (46.31, 13.41)
    Recommended footwearsports hiking footwear
    Parking feeno
    Suitable for a dogyes

    Globoški potok is a left tributary of the Učja and is fed by the waters of the Krn mountain range. During its course, the stream overcomes a large height difference in a very short time. According to some information I managed to find online, the entire Globoški potok waterfall is between 300 and 400 meters high.

    During my visit to Globoški potok, I only saw the three-tiered Sapet waterfall, which is supposed to be 60 meters high, but in my opinion, it is a little higher. Anyway, the Sapet waterfall on Globoški potok is accessible by a well-maintained path and it will take you about an hour to walk to it. The waterfall falls over red rocks into a deep pool below.

    The starting point for visiting the waterfall is next to the inn near the bridge, where the main road crosses the Učja. Between the inn and the stream, climb a little higher along the road and the signs will direct you towards the waterfalls.

    On the way to the waterfall, especially in the summer season, you will constantly listen to the sounds that are created when people go down the zipline in the canyon of the Učja river. You will also walk past one of the points where one of the steel lines ends.

    Glamping Bovec

    In the past, I have shown enthusiasm for a relatively new form of accommodation, which is a kind of combination of camping and apartments. I wrote about glamping when we visited Bloke, and this time I will share my enthusiasm for glamping Adrenalinček, which is located between the Boka waterfall and Bovec, in an article about Bovec.

    Adrenalinček is the largest eco glamping resort in Slovenia, spread over two clearings, which are caught in the embrace of the forest and where you are practically completely separated from the world outside of glamping. The idea of ​​the owners of the resort is to show people how it is possible to spend your vacation and consequently your life in harmony with nature, with minimal impact on the environment, more modest, but even fuller.

    In glamping, you can spend your vacation in different accommodations, which differ in size and level of pampering offered by the “cottage”. The staf in resort strongly encourage children and parents not to use electronic “distractors” during their stay in glamping, but to play with their peers, just as we played when we were growing up when electronics was not our master and according to what we saw , they do it great.

    The resort is prevailed by natural materials, from wood, cotton, to natural soaps, herbs and everything else… If you identify with their philosophy, a stop at Adrenalinček when visiting Bovec is almost mandatory.

    Katja and Matic have been leading glamping with all their heart and dedication since 2014. Every year, the team makes an effort and prepares the infrastructure for the guests of the resort, which contributes to the quality of spending a holiday in the embrace of nature. The couple impressed me with their positive energy, openness, kindness, and outlook on life.

    You will find out more about the glamping paradise Adrenalinček near Bovec on their website.

    Where to eat in Bovec

    Considering that Bovec is one of the most tourist-besieged places in Slovenia and that the population of Bovec will certainly triple during the season, it is expected that many locals offer guests such and other products to satisfy hungry stomachs.

    Since I have been visiting Bovec quite regularly for more than 15 years, you can believe me that I have received exceptional meals, services, and ambiances. which guests can only wish for, on the one hand, and, to put it mildly, staff attitudes and “funny” meals that were unlike anything on the other. So I decided to share with you an inn that always inspires me and a bar with cold beer, great burgers, and relaxed waiter.

    The family inn by the bridge in the village of Žaga is famous for its varied selection of excellently prepared and delicious food. On my last visit to the inn, we were all impressed by the service, food, relaxation of the waiter, Gregor, as well as our “guide” Deni, who, as a local inn, also recommended us.

    If you are a fan of trout, seafood, pizza or enjoy vegan food, or some other form of “diet” that requires a little more conversation with the waiter, you will quickly find a suitable meal for yourself in the inn by the bridge.

    Another suggestion I have for you is the Grill bar in Bovec. You won’t have a wide choice of dishes here, but the very name of the place tells you that you can expect grilled dishes and cold drinks. Those of you who have read some other blog or two that I have written know that I am impressed by the relaxation and simplicity of the people. And in recent years, the Grill bar team has simply “bought” me. When we jump in for a drink, coffee, or a quick snack, I practically always decide to stop at their premises.

    There no one complicates when / if something is wrong, things are resolved with a smile and the food has always been excellent and the portions are also plentiful enough.


    Bovec always inspires me, the atmosphere in this town is completely different than, for example, in Bohinj or elsewhere in Gorenjska. People are more relaxed, almost no one complicates and I simply adore the energy of the environment.

    Despite the fact that I have been visiting Bovec for many years, I always find sights in the valleys around this tourist pearl that I do not know yet, or I visit well-known locations that fascinate me again and again.

    Special thanks also go to Deni Vučič, who is an inexhaustible source of ideas for hidden corners in the vicinity of Bovec and at the same time an excellent host! Thanks!

    But I wish you all to enjoy the beauties offered by our beautiful country and go to Nature!

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