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18 Best mountain hikes in Slovenia

Slovenia is a beautiful country that offers visitors an incredible variety in a relatively small [...]

Mangart hike

Around 1992, my parents took me to Mangart Saddle for the first time, I was [...]

Jalovec – King of Slovenian mountains

If Triglav is the “ruler” of the Slovenian highlands and a symbol of Slovenia, and [...]

Bovec – what to see, where to go

I always say to myself before the start of the summer season, but this year [...]

Bovec best attractions

We will tackle the sights of Bovec at one of the hottest locations in Bovec [...]

Lake Krn – a piece of paradise below Krn

By far the most popular route to Lake Krn begins in the Lepena valley, and [...]

Triglav lakes hike- all approaches

The Triglav Lakes are accessible from several directions. The most popular and also the easiest [...]

Hiking Triglav – complete guide

since people are very different, one of the many other routes to the top of [...]

Where to the hills from Bohinj

From Bohinj, we can "attack" many peaks in the Julian Alps. Both those few-hour tours, [...]