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We have so many great places in our highlands that it is practically impossible to list them all (you will find many among the lines of this blog), but there are still some such places that are “winning”, such as those who do not want to visit. steep slopes, precipices, steel cables and wedges, snowshoeing… One such point is certainly the Great Krn Lake, but not just one of them, in my experience this is, besides Triglav, the second most sought after destination in our mountains.

By far the most popular route to Lake Krn begins in the Lepena valley, and a few less crowded trails lead to this beauty. The second most popular starts in Bohinj, more precisely at the starting point below the Savica waterfall, and Lake Krn can also be reached from the Kuhinja mountain above Kobarid and the mountain above Tolmin.

All the trails mentioned above are technically simple hiking trails. However, it is still necessary to see before the start how much time we will need to jump to Lake Krn, or. Krn Lakes.

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Krn lakes

On my first visit to Lake Krn, or. To the Great Lake, as we also call it, I wondered why we say Krn Lakes, if there is only one lake? Unfortunately, the vast majority of people know only one of the three Krn lakes. The other two lakes are the lake in Lužnica and the least known, Dupeljsko Lake.

Great Krn Lake

Veliko Krnsko Lake is the largest Slovenian high mountain lake and lies at an altitude of 1394 meters above sea level. It measures a little less than 400 meters in length and about 150 meters in width. The lake lies below Krn, which with its 2244 meters is also the highest mountain in the wider area. The mountains of Mali Šmohor and Lemež, which limit the length of the lake, also provide a beautiful backdrop to the lake.

Lake Krn, like all high-altitude lakes, is of glacial origin. Swimming is prohibited in the lake, which is about 18 meters deep. However, it is very pleasant to sit by the lake in all seasons and soak up the sun.

Lake in Lužnica

Planina Kuhinja – Jezero v Lužnici Osnovni podatki
Altitude of the lake1801 m
Altitude of starting point991 m
Altitude difference along the way910 m
Hiking time3 h
Route difficultyeasy
Starting pintPlanina Kuhinja (46.2412, 13.6631)
Recommended equipment in summersports hiking footwear and hiking poles
Recommended equipment in wintergaiters, waterproof hiking boots, poles, crampons, ice ax
Hut on the way/
Parking feeyes
Suitable for a dogyes

The second largest lake in Krn is called the lake in Lužnica. It lies in the Peska valley (the easiest access is from the Kuhinja pod Krnom mountain) and is the highest of the Krn lakes. The area of the lake is about half a hectare. The depth of the lake is about 4 meters. This lake is about a 2 and a half hour walk from the Great Lake.

Dupelj Lake

It is interesting that Lake Dupelj is the closest to the hut by the Krn Lakes, but it is probably the least visited of the three. Most people don’t even know about it, but most of those who have heard of it think that it is just a puddle that is not worth looking at. However, this is far from the truth. Lake Dupelj is extremely beautiful. It fascinates us with its beautiful green color and amazing scenery. When walking around the lake, you practically don’t know from which angle it is more beautiful. The lake is only a little smaller and a few 10 centimeters shallower than the lake in Lužnica.

Lepena – Lake Krn

Lepena – Krn lake Osnovni podatki
Altitude of the lake1391 m
Altitude of starting point700 m
Altitude difference along the way750 m
Hiking time2 h 20 min
Route difficultyeasy
Starting pintHut in Lepena (46.3040, 13.6819)
Recommended equipment in summersports hiking footwear and hiking poles
Recommended equipment in wintergaiters, waterproof boots, sticks, crampons
Hut on the wayHut by the Krn lakes
Parking feeno
Suitable for a dogyes

The vast majority of hikers who visit our largest alpine lake choose the Lepena valley as the starting point of their route. No wonder, because the path from Lepena to Koča pri Krnskih jezerih and beyond, to Veliki jezero is very beautiful and also easy.

We are constantly accompanied by an old military mulatto, which is beautifully preserved and, like all other military routes in the serpentines and in a very moderate ascent, winds up the slope. You will walk to the hut at Lake Krn in the embrace of the forest, and a few meters from the hut onwards, the trees will be replaced by meadows and you will have very beautiful views of the surrounding peaks.

For the path from Lepena to the hut by the Krn lakes you will need about two hours of walking. From here, you will need about a 20-minute walk to the Great Lakes. Lake Dupelj is about 5 minutes away from the hut, while you will need about 3 hours to walk to the lake in Lužnica. The path to the lake in Lužnica is also a beautiful and easy hiking trail.

Bohinj – Krnsko jezero

Savica hut – Krn lake Osnovni podatki
Altitude of the lake1391 m
Altitude of starting point700 m
Altitude difference along the way1200 m
Hiking time5 h
Route difficultyeasy
Starting pintSavica hut (46.2896, 13.8022)
Recommended equipment in summersports hiking footwear and hiking poles
Recommended equipment in wintergaiters, waterproof boots, hiking poles, crampons, snowshoes
Hut on the wayKomna hut and Hut under the Bogatin
Parking fee4€ for 3 h, or 8€ a day
Suitable for a dogyes

Another popular starting point for visiting the Great Lake is the parking lot at Savica. The beginning of the trail is practically identical to the one in Lepena, as the old military trail also leads us along the slope towards the top in serpentines. At first, the trail climbs over 50 serpentines along a steep, forested slope. Nevertheless, at times we have very beautiful views, especially of Lake Bohinj and the opposite Komarča. When we are done with the serpentines, the path directs us towards the Komna plateau. After about halfway, we can refresh ourselves in the hut on Komna, or on the hut below Bogatin, which are only a few minutes apart.

The path to Lake Krn, just before the hut below Bogatin, rises above the forest border and the views we witness along the way are worth every drop of sweat. On the way to the Great Krn Lake we have to overcome a little more than 1800 meters high Bogatinsko sedlo, from where for the first time we have a view of Krn and other peaks in the area, and in nice weather you can see the Adriatic Sea. From here, to Lake Krn, we will have another hour of descent on a well-trodden mule track.

You will need about 5 hours of walking for the whole way to Krn Lake. If you jump more, it can be an hour less. If you are one of those who do not want to return the same way and are in good shape, you can make a loop past Krnska škrbina, below Peska (see the lake in Lužnica), and continue towards Bogatinski sedlo. From there you can turn again on the second path, namely to the left towards Lepa Komna and reach the hut below Bogatin along a parallel valley.

Krn Lakes hut

According to the popularity of the trail, the home on the Krn Lakes is also one of the most popular mountain huts in Slovenia. In the cottage, which lies on the edge of the forest, you can get excellent home-made food and, of course, drinks during the summer season. The cottage has 53 beds in rooms, 57 in dormitories, and if this is not enough, they still have a few emergency beds. The cottage also has a winter room, which is open out of season and has 18 beds. Next to the cottage there is also a tap with drinking water where you can replenish your water supplies for the further journey.

The hut, which was built in 1984, is managed by the Nova Gorica Mountaineering Association. It is open in the summer season from July to the end of August, but if the weather is nice in September, the owners still sweat the season a bit. The cottage is equipped with drinking water, toilets, washbasins, as well as a warm shower. If you are interested in more information about accommodation and their offer, it will be best if you visit the website.

Lake Krn with children

A hike to Lake Krn and, of course, Lake Dupelj can be a very nice family trip. In the summer months, when the snow in the mountains is already melting, you do not need special mountaineering equipment to climb to the lake. Comfortable and stable hiking boots and some fitness are recommended, but you won’t be surprised by any rocky sections, precipices or something similar along the way.

If your children are at least a little active and you know how to animate and encourage them during the trip (if necessary), then the trip to Lake Krn can be one of the most beautiful and suitable family tours in our high mountains.


The ascent to Lake Krn is one of the most popular routes in our Alps and a visit to this largest alpine lake is certainly a wish of every mountain lover. Regardless of where you go to the Krn Lakes, I wish you plenty of pleasure and a safe step!

Let’s go to the nature!

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