Triglav lakes hike- all approaches

The valley of the Triglav lakes or The Seven Lakes is probably one of the most beautiful and also the most-visited parts of our highlands. The valley stretches from Komarča to Prehodavci and hides incredible beauties, beautiful views, unforgettable nature, and much more, for that is worth wear hiking boots and hiking poles. And now the question, how to get to Triglav Lakes?

The Triglav Lakes are accessible from several directions. The most popular and also the easiest route is from the mountain Blato to the hut by the Triglav lakes. Otherwise, you can access the valley from the hut at Savica, via Komarča, or Komna, from Zadnjica or Trenta to Prehodavci hut, and from the direction of Hribarice. In the following text, I will briefly describe all the routes and answer some of the most common questions about visiting this Alpine pearl.

All about 7 lakes hike:

The easiest way to the Triglav Lakes

Planina Blato – hut by the Triglav lakes Informations
Hight of Triglav lakes hut1685 m
Height of starting point1147 m
Altitude difference along the way700 m
Hike time3 h 15 min
Difficulty of hikingeasy
The most popular starting pointplanina Blato (46.3133, 13.8509)
Recommended equipment sports hiking footwear and hiking poles
Parking fee12€ per day
Suitable for a dogyes
Basic information you need before ascending to Double Lake from the most popular starting point

In recent years, the number of people in the mountains is increasing sharply, even those who a few years ago did not want to hear about visiting the hills, today are getting to know the beauties up there. One of the most popular hiking spots in Slovenia are the Triglav Lakes or especially the hut at Double Lake.

The most besieged and also the easiest of all trails is the trail that starts on the Blato mountain (46.3133, 13.8509). This is certainly the most popular starting point in the vicinity of Bohinj, despite the fact that there are many very popular starting points around.

If you want to visit the Blato mountain, you will have to drive to Stara Fužina, and from there continue on a narrow but beautiful paved road to a height of less than 1150 meters above sea level. If you decide to drive to the starting point, it will cost you € 12 (for one day). The hospitable people of Bohinj also provided free bus transport from Srednja vas to the Blato mountain and back for all guests during the tourist season (schedule on the link).

Blato mountain is an excellent starting point for many very beautiful trails in this part of the Julian Alps. This time we will go after the most besieged one. We will direct our steps towards Planina pri Jezeru. This beautiful and very popular mountain is located at an altitude of 1450 meters. Two paths lead us here, steeper and gentler, but you will need about an hour’s walk for both paths.

From here we can continue in 3 different directions, and we will head towards the Dedno polje mountain pasture, which is another one of the many breathtaking Bohinj mountains. Also on this mountain, we reach a crossroads and the path can continue in 3 directions. We continue straight in the direction of the hut at the Triglav Lakes or. towards the mountain Ovčarija. We will reach the mentioned mountain after a good half-hour walk. At Ovčarija we can once again head in 3 different directions. We will continue straight towards Black Lake and the hut at Triglav Lakes.

You will need a good 3 hours for the whole trip at a normal pace. The trail is easy and suitable for all of you who are used to walking on well-kept mountain trails.

Seven lakes via Komarča or Komna

Savica hut – Triglav lakes hut via Komarča Information
Height of Triglav lakes hut 1685 m
Height of starting point 653 m
Altitude difference along the way 1030 m
Hiking time 3 hours
Difficulty of hiking difficult
Starting point Savica hut (46.2896, 13.8021)
Recommended equipment sports hiking footwear and hiking poles
Parking fee (from 1.5. to 31.10.)4€ for 3 hours, or 8€ per day
Suitable for a dog conditionally
Basic information you need before ascending to Double lake via Komarča

The second of the trails that will take us to hut by the Triglav lakes starts at the hut near Savica. From here we can go to 7 lakes along 2 different paths. Faster, but also more demanding trail is via Komarča. This is a physically and technically demanding trail, which I do not recommend to those who are not familiar with walking on mountain trails. Walking time, to Double Lake is about 3 hours.

The path rises sharply from the very beginning and after a good hour of walking brings us to the top of Komarča. Along the way, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful views of the Bohinj Valley, and you will be able to locate your vehicle from a bird’s eye view.

Somewhere in the middle of the path to the top, you will come to a crossroads, where the path branches off to the left towards the spring of the Savica (Sava Bohinjka). At the same time, you will be directly above the Savica waterfall.

At the top of Komarča, the path is laid and you will soon see the first of the Triglav lakes, Black Lake. The view and walk along the lake is a nice reward for anyone who has started the ascent through Komarča. If not before, all the effort is rewarded here.

From here, the trail, which most of the time is in a moderate ascent through a beautiful forest, leads us to Double lake, where there is also a hut.

Savica hut – hut by the Triglav lakes
via Komna
Hight of Triglav lakes hut1685 m
Height of starting point653 m
Altitude difference along the way1280 m
Hike time5 hours
Difficulty of hikingeasy
Starting point Savica hut (46.2896, 13.8021)
Recommended equipment sports hiking footwear and hiking poles
Parking fee (from 1.5. to 31.10.) 4€ for 3 hours, or 8€ per day
Suitable for a dogyes
Basic information you need before ascending to Double lake via Komna

The second, simpler, but longer route (approx. 5 hours of walking) is via Komna, to the hut by the Triglav Lakes. This route is technically very easy and not strenuous. However, keep in mind that it is long. After ascending over 50 serpentines and some pleasant walks through the beautiful forest, the path leads us to under the hut on Komna. Here is the first crossroads where you can choose the path to Black Lake, and a few meters higher we have a new crossroads, where you can turn right (left Komna, straight hut below Bogatin) towards the hut on the Triglav Lakes. Here we are at an altitude of about 1500m and in the next 3 hours of walking, as long as we need to Double Lake, a beautiful but not too scenic path will go a little up and down…

Trenta seven lakes valley

Trenta – Prehodavci hut Information
Hight of Triglav lakes hut2071 m
Height of starting point620 m
Altitude difference along the way1451 m
Hike time4 hours 15 min
Difficulty of hikingeasy
Starting pointTrenta (46.3768, 13.7491)
Recommended equipment sports hiking footwear and hiking poles
Parking feeno
Suitable for a dogyes
Basic information you need before hiking from Trenta to Prehodavci hut

You can also go to Triglav Lakes from Trenta. Otherwise, you will reach them at the other end, as if you chose one of the “Bohinj” parking lots as a starting point, you will also have to overcome a larger height difference, but it will pay off. The hut on Prehodavci can be “attacked” from two starting points, the village of Trenta (46.3768, 13.7491) or the Zadnjica valley (46.38242, 13.76). The paths merge into about 2/3 of the way to the hut. Both routes are very beautiful and nothing demanding.

The trail from Trenta runs along the old Italian military route – the mulatjera. So the path is very beautiful and relatively flat.

The route from Zadnjica will be a bit more diverse, at least as far as the variety of the route is concerned. At first, you will walk along the cart track, practically to below the walls of Kanjevec, but here you will turn right (left path to Luknja, or Dolič). It is sometimes harder to find your way through the sand deposits, but most of the time the path is clearly visible. A slightly steeper ascent will begin here, and the trail will join the trail from Trenta shortly after we reach the saddle.

However, you should know that the lakes on Prehodavci are located much higher than hut at Triglav lakes, and especially Black Lake. Prehodavci hut is at an altitude of 2071 meters and you will need a good 4 hours to ascend from Zadnjica and you will have to overcome more than 1400 meters of altitude.

The hut on Prehodavci lies in the immediate vicinity of 4 of the 7 Triglav lakes. The first lies under the wall of the magnificent Kanjevec and is probably because of that called Jezero pod Vršacem (lake below the top), the second, Rjavo jezero (Brown lake) is the highest lake in the valley of the Seven Lakes, Zeleno jezero (Green lake) is a slightly smaller and shallower lake, and the smallest is the lake below Vršaki, located under the walls of the same-named mountain. Brown, Green and the lake below Vršaki can also dry up in the summer drought. are greatly, greatly reduced. All these lakes are about a 30-minute walk from the hut on Prehodavci.

Triglav lakes with children

All of the routes described above, which lead to the Triglav Lakes, regardless of which side of the valley it is, are also suitable for family trips. Of course, you know best how well-behaved your children are, as well as yourself.

If your visit to the highlands is more the exception than the rule, then I suggest you take the easiest route as a starting point. The one with the start on the mountain Blato. This route will also be much more interesting for children, who can quickly lose the will to walk, than the one from Zadnjica or the one from Savica. The path through the Bohinj mountains, especially in the summer months, offers us a very varied walk. On the way you will cross at least 3 mountains where cows graze, along the way there will be a mountain hut where you can stop and refresh yourself, a lake, interesting mountain huts or stand and so on and so forth.

Difficulty of the route to the Triglav Lakes

As I wrote in the previous paragraphs, all the trails described above, except those via Komarča, are technically very simple. Of course, they should not be underestimated and regardless of the simplicity of the route, it is necessary to take into account the walking time, the basis of which is very beautiful for high mountain trails, but still quite different than in city.

Especially in the spring months, when by the Bohinj lake is already sunny and warm, almost summer, we must take into account that there is often still a lot of snow in the high mountains. So that you are properly prepared and equipped for a possible visit to the hills.

Mountains above the valley of the Triglav Lakes

The valley of the Triglav Lakes is quite long and while walking through the valley you will walk under quite a few very popular peaks. The most visited among them is certainly Mala Tičarica (in the article Mountains for beginners you can read the description of the route to Mala Tičarica). Very beautiful, easily accessible peak, which offers beautiful views of the Double Lake, the Komna plateau, all the Bohinj and Primorska hills around Krn, and the slope of Lepošpičje on the other side of the valley. There is also a beautiful view towards the part of Pokljuka and the Karavanke peaks in the background. You will also be able to admire the view towards the Kamnik Alps.

If you decide to visit the hills that surround the valley of the Triglav Lakes, you will have “work” for a few days. In other words, you will be able to visit this part of the Triglav National Park several times and the routes will always be different.

If I only list the tops that just invite you to conquer them. Mala and Velika Tičarica, Kopica, Mala and Velika Zelnarica, and the ridge of Lepošpičje, with the highest peak Veliko Špičje. Kanjevec, which ends the valley, can also be a wonderful choice.


The valley of the Triglav Lakes is certainly one of the most desirable destinations in our Alps. At the same time, access to the valley is relatively easy. So it is not surprising that the paths here are around one of the most visited and well-trodden. The nature here is beautiful, no matter which starting point you choose for your hike. No path will leave you indifferent and you will quickly find that you still want to return to this part of our mountains.

I wish you a steady and safe step and a smiling face when visiting the Valley of the Seven Lakes!

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